17 Oct 2014

After our late arrival on Wednesday night we all settled down with our hosts. The next morning we met up outside the northeastern boat house, which was fenced off ready for a fire inspection on Thursday morning. We eagerly collected the boats from outside the boathouse and boated a little way down the river. The new boats took a while to adjust to, but we got used to them quickly. After we paddled the whole course, we headed towards centeral Boston to find some lunch. After lunch those thinking of applying to university in America were given a quick tour of Northeastern, where we met up with old salopian Will A-J who is in his freshman year there. He gave us a quick look at the halls and gave us an idea of the student side of the university. The faciliIes at northeastern were very impressive, which is not surprising when their budget is around $1,000,000! Unfortunately the second session was canceled due to rain but all in all a very exciting first day here.

Toby Thomas.